A short sale can be an excellent solution for homeowners who must sell and owe more on their homes than they are worth. Unfortunately, a number of myths about short sales have developed, and it is important to understand the reality of this process should you find it meets your current needs.

Myth #1 – 

  • The Bank Would Rather Foreclose than Bother with a Short Sale

Myth #2 – 

  • You Must Be Behind on Your Mortgage to Negotiate a Short Sale

Myth #3 – 

  • There is Not Enough Time to Negotiate a Short Sale Before My Foreclosure

Myth #4 –

  • Listing My Home as a Short Sale is an Embarrassment

Myth #5 – 

  • Short Sales are Impossible and Never Get Approved

Myth #6 – 

  • Banks are Waiting on a Bailout and Not Accepting Short Sales

Myth #7 –

  • Buyers are Not Interested in Short Sale Properties


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